A warning about the use of electronic cigarettes


It is our policy at vapourstation.com to sell electronic cigarettes in an ethical way, as an alternative to smoking only.


As such:-

▪    If you are under 18 please do not purchase from us.

▪    If you currently do not use nicotine in any form, do not start now!  Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and you are much better off staying nicotine and addicition free.

▪    If you are using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) with a view to quitting nicotine use, we advise you not to use ecigs but continue with NRT which has been medically tested as a quit smoking aid.   It has been shown to successfully help between 2 to 10 people, out of every 100 NRT users, to stay off cigarettes for 12 months or more.  Stick with it, we sincerely hope it helps you.

▪    If you are currently a smoker, than we are happy for you to use our site and investigate this alternative to smoking.

▪    If you are already an ecig user, Welcome! Not much point in reading further, but please feel free to.


About ecig safety:

Ecigs are relatively new devices and although there are currently around 650,000 UK users in 2012, there has been limited scientific research into the safety of ecigs.  Are ecigs 100% safe?  Unfortunately nothing is 100% safe.  The only perfectly safe option is not to smoke, not to use ecigs and not to use nicotine in any form.


To the question, are ecigs safer than smoking cigarettes?   Ecigs work by delivering nicotine into the body through inhalation without burning or using tobacco.  Nicotine by itself is seen as relatively safe if administered properly.  Ecigs do not burn tobacco to create smoke.  It is this burning process in cigarettes that releases upto 4000 dangerous and harmful substances.  Ecigs on the other hand, heat a fluid to create a vapour.  As an example it is similar to boiling a kettle to create steam, as opposed to a cigarette which is like lighting a fire to create smoke.  There have been opinions stated on many websites that ecigs could be between 100-1000 times safer than cigarettes.  There has been a poll showing that 92% of Doctors said yes and agreed with their patients, when they were asked, did they think switching to ecigs as an alternative to smoking would be better than smoking. However it is only recently that scientific studies are showing the benefits and effectiveness of e-cigarettes compared to smoking.  That evidence is growing all the time. We at Vapourstation.com are only happy to promote and market ecigs as an alternative to smoking and not for any other use.   Users must use their discretion and conduct research for themselves before using ecigs.   Vapour Station shall not be held liable to the extent the law permits for the use or misuse of these products by users and users of this website shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to this.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.




(Staffed by people who use ecigs everyday as an alternative to smoking – and we love it!)