Most of the health problems related to smoking are caused by the burning of tobacco to create smoke. It is this combustion process that causes the majority of illnesses and deaths among smokers. E-Cigarettes do not create smoke but a vapour similar to steam.


Ecigs contain nicotine which is a highly addictive and toxic substance.  However nicotine on its own, when used correctly, has significantly fewer side effects than smoking via a cigarette, hence all the NRT products which contain nicotine.


Can anybody say it is perfectly safe? No.  It is a new product and gaining in popularity quickly with an estimated 2 million users in the UK in 2014. There have been no reported deaths from ecigs in the 8 years since its invention.  Compare that to 81,400 smoking related UK deaths in 2009 alone.


Please note that because there is no definite proof about ecig safety vapourstation.com reminds you that using ecigs and nicotine liquids is done at your own discretion and risk. You must be over 18. We accept no liability and advise you to do your own research.