How to set up your Ego starter kit

1.Charge the battery, Double check the battery is in OFF’ mode, to check the battery is in ‘off’ mode, press the button on your battery, if the light on the button doesn’t come on, it is in the ‘off’ mode, if the button lights up it is in ‘on’ mode, turn the battery off by clicking this button rapidly 3 or 5 times and the button should turn off, double check it by pushing the button again & repeat.

2. Plug the USB lead into your computers USB port & at the other end of the lead slowly twist the battery clockwise onto the thread until the light flashes on the charger, (avoid over tightening) the light on the charger will be red , once the battery has fully charged the light on the charger will turn green (this takes approx 2 ½ to 3 hours depending what size battery) Warning! Please don’t leave any e-cig chargers charging overnight, more then 4 hours and unattended.

3. Once the battery is fully charged, screw on the Clearomizer to the battery , again try not to over tighten it, then slowly twist the black drip tip off the clearomizers, choose your e-liquid & tilt your e-cig at an angle (you may need spectacles for this) pop your e-liquid bottle tip down the inner side of the clearomizers & slowly squeeze the bottle, be very careful not to get liquid in the inner tube of the clearomizers. Fill about ¾ of the clearomizers, slowly turn the drip tip back on to the clearomizers

4. You need to wait about 3-5 minutes for the wicks to soak in the e-liquid, so we need to turn the whole e-cig horizontal and keep turning the e-cig round in your hand & ‘wet those wicks, it is important at all times that the wicks are wet or you will experience a burnt taste from the clearomizer  Tip: good habit to get into ‘wetting your wicks’ while vaping !

Now you are Ready to try the E-cig

5. Click the e-cig button rapidly for 5 clicks to work the battery, the light should come on every time you press that button to inhale. Place the electronic cigarette on your lips, press the button in & slowly inhale on the drip tip


Batteries, USB charger usage & Maintenance 

Please keep the battery pin, connector& thread clean,  also the pin & thread inside the USB connector, clean them every day with a cotton bud because e-liquid can leak onto them& stop the connectors from charging up the battery, this is a common fault you may experience on your vaping journey.  Battery usage: A fully charged  1100mah battery will last 1200 puffs , A fully charged  900mah battery will last 1000 puffs.  It is advisable to buy a back up e-cig battery to use, while one is charging!

Troubleshooting  FAQ

1 Q.Liquid going into my mouth from the drip tip ?
A. This is the condensation built up in the drip tip,take the drip tip off and clean/dry it with kitchen towel

2 Q.Battery not working ?
A. clean the connectors on the battery and usb lead with a cotton bud & kitchen towel. Otherwise try lifting the centre pin on the battery connector a millimeter or so, also try another charger.

3 Q.The Clearomizer is making a crackling noise when inhaling ?
A.This means you may have a bit of e-liquid in the inner tube of the clearomizers, blow through the bottom of the clearomizers to clear the liquid, it may need a few mins to dry.

4.Q clearomizers appears to be leaking ?
A.check all the connecting parts are screwed up (bottom and drip tip)

5.Q Am getting a burnt taste off the liquid ?
A.It sounds like you may of had a ‘dry hit’, this means the wicks inside the clearomizers were not wet enough (soaked in e-liquid) get in the habit of rolling the liquids round the clearomizers to wet your wicks, also don’t let the liquid run below 1ml always keep a bottle of liquid on you at all times.

6.Q. Slight Headache feeling ?
A.you may have vaped too much or you may need to purchase lower nicotine e-liquid . E-Liquid comes in different strengths (0mg,11mg,18mg,24mg) Also you can lower the percentages of  VG or PG levels in e-liquids, we currently stock VG 50/ PG 50 & PG 70/ VG 30 .If you would like to contact me i can happily advise.

7.Q I am unable to taste my e-liquids anymore?
A.Because you have given up smoking your taste buds continue to change, a suggestion would be to choose a minty flavoured e-liquid to give your taste buds a boost & try different flavour e-liquids.

8.Q. My ego-t battery has got wet ?
A.Fully dry the battery with kitchen roll & use a cotton bud for cleaning the inside of the connector , leave the battery for a day, the battery should  work again
9.Q.I can not get much taste or vapor out of my e-cig ?
A. The battery may need charging, double check the battery charger light has gone from red to green to ensure it is fully charged. Also clean the connectors of the e-cig and Clearomizer daily with cotton buds
10.Q. When should i recharge my e-cig battery?
A. Try and get into the habit of charging the battery before it is fully flat and when are experiencing less power. Please do not leave the any chargers unattended and plugged in overnight, Ego-T, Riva, Spinners,ego twist batteries only require between 2 to 5 hours charge (depending on the size of the battery)

We hope you enjoy your new E-Cig Kit & experience a healthier life without ciggies , please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions.